First of all, we are glad to take the opportunity of introducing our company UMATO Knitwear Manufacturing Ltd. The factory was established in November of 1992. The owners of the company are two Hungarian private persons who are also acting as directors in the firm. Our main profile is presenting ready made garments and also CMT work for different Western-European clients, mainly in Germany and The Netherlands, further on also for the domestic market. The recent number of our employees are 150 persons. The products are made of circular knitted fabrics and the main item groups are: mens, ladies underwear, pyjamas, fashionable ladies T-shirts, dresses, further on baby- and children garments. Our activity includes all phases of making the goods, starting with knitting, dying-finishing, then we cut, sew, iron, fold and pack the garments according to the instructions of our partners. Our office is located in the south part of Hungary in the town Békéscsaba, you can see all the details in the header

Magyar Zsolt
Managing Director